About us

Get involved

Every tenant is a member of BNCHA.

Annually, during our General Meeting, tenant members elect the BNCHA management committee. If you’re interested in standing for election at the next AGM, simply request a form from the BNCHA office at 0116 502 0888.

Candidates must commit to BNCHA’s ‘Statement of Committee Member Responsibilities’, which outlines their duties and obligations as committee members. This includes possessing a basic knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities of being a committee member, and being willing to attend training sessions to enhance their skills and knowledge. By adhering to these principles, committee members play a vital role in ensuring the well-being and success of our cooperative community.

Our committee convenes quarterly online to strategise, review policies, finances, and housing services. Additionally, while the committee meets quarterly, there are various other operational subgroups that meet regularly to address specific areas of focus within our cooperative community. These subgroups provide opportunities for more detailed discussions and actions on topics such as repairs, maintenance, community events, sustainability initiatives, and more.

Other Ways to Get Involved:

Can’t commit to the committee? No problem! We have various other ways you can contribute. We encourage active participation from all tenant members. Whether it’s attending tenant member workshops, participating in surveys, volunteering your time and expertise, or simply voicing your concerns, your involvement matters. Your input is invaluable in helping us identify areas for improvement and shape the future of our community at BNCHA.

Not a tenant member?

But interested in offering your valuable time and skills to the development of our co-op and community – Then please do get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.