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Equality, diversity and fairness – BNCHA has an Equality, Diversity and Fairness Policy where we:

  • recognise that groups and individuals have suffered, and continue to suffer from discrimination
  • recognise the need for equality of opportunity and the management of diversity in all aspects of our operations. It is our intention to ensure that nobody receives less favourable treatment from us or agents acting on our behalf on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, marital status, responsibility for dependants, sexual orientation, disability, age, gender reassignment, social status, political, cultural or religious beliefs.
  • aim to take practical actions to eliminate discrimination, unfairness, inequality and disadvantage, developing initiatives and interventions to promote and value diversity in the co-op. The co-op expects staff and contractors working for it to actively recognise and manage diversity in the workplace.
  • ensure that all committee members and others working on behalf of the co-op are fully aware of their responsibilities towards the promotion of equal opportunities and valuing diversity, that they are properly equipped to take account of the different and special needs of particular groups and make provision for those groups.

The full Equality, Diversity and Fairness Policy is available here.

Making alterations to your home – members need to ask the co-op’s permission through our housing team if they wish to make structural alterations or improvements to their homes.  Our Improvements and Alterations Policy is available here.

Transfers and mutual exchanges – members may request transfers and mutual exchanges in accordance with our Transfers and Exchanges Policy available here.

Damp and mould – BNCHA has a specific policy that deals with damp and mould.  Damp in a home is caused by excess moisture.  Homes could be affected by any of the three common types of damp

  • Condensation – this is the most common form of damp in rented properties. It appears when excess moisture in the air meets a cold surface, such as a cold wall or window.  Condensation is made worse by inadequate ventilation, heating or insulation and tends to be worse in Winter.
  • Penetrating damp – this is caused by water coming through external walls or the roof. It can occur when there is an internal leak or plumbing problem.
  • Rising damp – this occurs when moisture beneath the building is soaked up into the brick or concrete. It is a common problem on the ground floor and cellars/basements of older houses.

The only lasting cure for severe mould is to get rid of the dampness and BNCHA will take what steps it can to do this.  However, BNCHA has also published guidance on what members can do to minimise damp and mould available here.  The full policy is available here.

Pet ownership

BNCHA recognises the benefits that responsible pet ownership can bring but acknowledge that controls need to be in place to prevent irresponsible pet ownership which can cause suffering to animals and nuisance to neighbours.

BNCHA has produced guidance – available here – which offers advice to our members thinking about getting a pet, those who may already have a pet and residents who may have concerns about or problems with a neighbour’s pet.

BNCHA also have a Pets Policy available here.

Subletting and lodgers

BNCHA has a Subletting and Lodgers Policy available hereWhilst it may be possible for our members to rent out a room if they do not overcrowd the home by doing so, subletting some or all of your home is against the law.  If you wish to rent out a room, please get in touch with our housing team for further information.


Want to apply?

Our tenants either apply directly to us for housing, or are referred to us by other organisations such as Leicester City Council or other housing associations. If you would like to apply for a home, please phone the Belgrave office, send us an email or apply online.