About us

Our business plan

BNCHA has now agreed a business plan for 2021 to 2024.

The business plan maps out what the co-op aims to do and how it will do it.  It includes our new mission statement, vision and values – our objectives and our strategies to achieve those objectives.  It also includes information on our finances and our approaches to deal with risks that might stop us achieving our objectives.  Our key objectives are to:
  1. Build an active membership
  2. Improve the way BNCHA is governed
  3. Make sure we have quality homes
  4. Make sure we have quality services
  5. Support members with mental health challenges
  6. Strengthen BNCHA’s position in the Belgrave area
  7. Consider the future of our offices in Loughborough Road

The full business plan is downloadable here in English. 

Download the business plan here in Gujarati.


Our Mission

Quality affordable homes, co-operatively owned.

Run for tenant members, by tenant members