Belgrave Unity

Belgrave Unity: Fostering Harmony and Inclusivity

Belgrave Unity emerged in the wake of the challenges faced by our community in Leicester. In March, we gathered service providers, stakeholders, partners, and residents, all with a common goal: to shape a brighter future together. At its core, Belgrave Unity stands for unity, respect, and harmony among the diverse fabric of Belgrave’s communities. 

Our mission is multi-faceted:

1. Seek to promote unity, respect and harmony between the broad and diverse Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, East European, White British, and other communities in Belgrave using a variety of events, activities and methods.

2. Aim to promote a bottom-up approach to promoting unity – encouraging the ordinary people of Belgrave to participate as much as possible.

3. Seek to reach out both to long-standing Belgrave communities as well as newer communities, encouraging all to feel a part of the wider Belgrave community and encouraging respect for the identities of all communities.

4. Reach out to and engage with communities in other parts of Leicester (and potentially wider than that) where appropriate to do so.

5. Enable ordinary people in Belgrave to tell their stories – particularly in relation to managing long and short-term trauma caused by communities not being made to feel welcome to the area.

6. Particularly seek to engage with younger people in respect of building unity, respect, and harmony.


Belgrave Unity is not just an initiative; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive and harmonious city. Join us in shaping a community where everyone belongs, and where diversity is celebrated. Together, we can create a brighter and more connected future.