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Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can have a devastating impact on its victims. The co-op is committed to supporting any member who is experiencing or has been threatened with domestic abuse.  Members should not live in fear of violence, abuse or harassment from a partner, former partner, or any member of their household or family.

The co-op recognises that the safety of the victim and their family is paramount and will do all it can do to ensure that they are protected.

The co-op will:

  • work closely with partner organisations to ensure that victims are supported; the appropriate safeguards are put in place; and that action is taken against perpetrators where it is safe and appropriate to do so
  • respect the victim’s rights and wishes and will treat anyone reporting domestic abuse to the co-op in a supportive and non-judgmental way, giving support and advice as a priority
  • provide options to victims of domestic abuse so that they are empowered to make their own decisions about what they would like to happen, and can make informed choices
  • encourage victims to report domestic abuse and reassure them that they will be supported
  • consider the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people and ensure that they too have access to services as soon as possible
  • make appropriate safeguarding referrals if there is reason to believe that a child or a vulnerable adult is at risk due to an abusive relationship
  • signpost and support victims to access help with the use of civil and criminal laws, to offer them protection and to prevent further abuse
  • support victims to make decisions around their housing needs, whether they wish to remain in their home or to move to a new home
  • ensure that it has access to people or organisations with expertise in managing domestic violence and abuse cases
  • signpost perpetrators of domestic abuse to agencies who can offer them support and interventions
  • ensure that staff and volunteers working on the co-op’s behalf are trained to deal with disclosures of domestic abuse effectively.

The co-op’s full Domestic Abuse Policy is available here.




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