Belgrave Food Hub

The Belgrave food Hub is a partnership with Belgrave Neighbourhood co-operative housing association and Reaching People. our commitment lies in ensuring access to essential food items for all members of our community.

Our community-driven initiative focuses on providing basic food items at highly subsidised prices, making it an affordable resource for everyone.

By becoming a member, you not only gain access to essential foods but also contribute to the sustainability of the food hub, enabling us to serve the community more effectively.

Membership Information

How to Join the Belgrave Food Hub

Pay Annual Membership Fee: An annual fee of £5 helps sustain our operations and ensures our ability to provide quality food items to the community.

Enjoy Membership Benefits:

Access to Basic Foods: Purchase essential food items from the Belgrave Food Hub.

Affordable Options: Enjoy highly subsidised prices on all food items.

Community Support: Contribute to the sustainability of the food hub, supporting the community.

Purchasing Criteria:

Item Limit: Each member can purchase a maximum of 12 items per visit to promote fairness and equal access.

Basic Food Categories: Our focus includes canned goods, grains, proteins, dairy products, and non-perishable items.

Rotating Stock: Our selection varies based on donations and partnerships, ensuring a diverse range of essential items.


Support Us Through Donations

The Belgrave Food Hub welcomes donations from businesses and residents to support our mission. Your generous contributions help us maintain affordable prices and expand our offerings. If you or your business would like to donate, please contact us at or call 0116 5020888. Every donation brings us a step closer to ensuring food security for all.

Scan the barcode below – it will take you directly to our donation page.

Donation link:

QR Code:

Volunteer Opportunities


Join Our Team and Make a Difference!

The Belgrave Food Hub is actively seeking volunteers to help us in our mission to provide essential food items to the community. If you are passionate about making a positive impact and would like to contribute your time and skills, we welcome you to join our team.

Volunteer Roles:

Assisting with Hub Operations

Picking up donations or food for the hub.

Sorting and Organising Donations

Providing Support to Hub Visitors


How to Volunteer: If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at or call 0116 5020888. Your support will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve

How to Use the Hub

Visit the Hub:

Members can visit the Belgrave Food Hub during operating hours which currently are: Wednesdays 10-1pm.

Location: BNCHA131, Loughborough Road, Leicester, LE4 5LQ

Membership Verification:

Present your valid membership card during each visit to verify eligibility for purchasing items.


Make payments for purchased items at the designated checkout.

Special Circumstances:

Recognising unique challenges, we help on a case-by-case basis to ensure everyone in the community has access to essential food items.


Community Support

The Belgrave Food Hub is committed to fostering a sense of community and providing essential support to those in need. We appreciate the cooperation of our members in adhering to the guidelines outlined in this document.

For any inquiries or assistance, please contact:

Phone: 0116 5020888

Thank you for being a part of the Belgrave Food Hub. Together, we can make a significant impact on ensuring food security for all.

Click here to watch our opening on YouTube