About us

Who we are

Family. Community. Diversity. Culture. Respect. Empowerment.


Belgrave Neighbourhood Cooperative Housing Association (BNCHA), the largest fully mutual housing co-op in the UK.

BNCHA set up in 1976 and now proudly boasts as being the largest landlord in Belgrave providing much needed homes to families, couples and single people. 

The community BNCHA serves is filled with diversity and cultures – one of the largest Asian communities in the country with a strong local identity, but also with new cultural and ethnic groups moving into the area – from Sri Lanka, from Eastern Europe and elsewhere. 

BNCHA as a fully mutual housing co-op aims to ensure that our tenant members can have their say on how their coop is run.  For its tenant members to exercise their rights to participate and shape how the coop functions. We want our tenant members to become an integral part of their coop, influencing how services are provided, how decisions are made, and how monies are spent.

We are proud that for local people in need of housing we are able to  provide safe, decent and warm  homes . We believe it is just as vital for our tenant members to feel a part of an inclusive community that cares, a connectiveness with their environment and their neighbours. Respecting and supporting one and all irrespective of age, race, religious beliefs or culture. 

Belgrave, world renowned for its Golden Mile walk famous for its Indian food, fashion and spices and jewellery shops and its annual Diwali celebrations (the largest outside of India) has a community rich in harmonious diversity and cultures.  We strive to be an integral part of that community, not just by providing houses but by helping to create homes and a sense of belonging to be proud of, creating unity, respect and support for one another, in a safe, flourishing community.  



Not a tenant member?

But interested in offering your valuable time and skills to the development of our co-op and community – Then please do get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.