About us

Who we are

We are simply “open to all”

As a fully mutual housing co-op, we are run entirely by and for our tenant members.  Tenant members own and democratically manage their housing collectively – so they are effectively their own landlord.  This gives them a high level of control over their homes and their neighbourhood.

All our tenants are members and we encourage our members to actively participate in how their coop is governed and run.

From looking at the way the service to the tenants is delivered to approving longer term plans, every member has the opportunity and voice to influence these decisions.

We believe in the ethical ideals of integrity, accountability, transparency, social responsibility and caring for others.


BNCHA and Pinnacle

On 16th October 2017 we entered in to partnership with Pinnacle Group who are our housing team and who provide services like applicant interviews, housing allocations, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, rent collection, development , tenancy management and  advice.  Pinnacle do not own any housing – they are not the landlord, but they are focused on providing good customer services for us.


BNCHA sets the policies for how Pinnacle provides services.  We work very closely with Pinnacle continuously reviewing the way services are being delivered and exploring ways to improve and make a difference to our members and their quality of life.


Pinnacle provide our housing team who are based at our offices on Loughborough Road.  That way services are coordinated locally, and they can respond quickly to the needs of our tenants.


BNCHA is registered as a Co-operative Housing Society with the Financial Conduct Authority No. 21590R and as a Cooperative Housing Association with the Regulator of Social Housing No. C1810

Not a tenant member?

But interested in offering your valuable time and skills to the development of our co-op and community – Then please do get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.